How to Manage Your Dog's Firework Anxiety

By Faith McCloy
June 20, 2024

Fireworks are a staple of summer celebrations, from the Fourth of July to local festivals, but they can be a source of significant stress for our pups. The loud noises, bright lights, and unexpected bursts can cause intense anxiety in many dogs. Understanding how to help your dog cope with firework anxiety is crucial to ensure their well-being during festive times.

Understanding Firework Anxiety in Dogs

Firework anxiety in dogs is a common problem, characterized by symptoms such as shaking, panting, hiding, whining, or even destructive behavior. Dogs have acute hearing and are often startled by the loud, unpredictable sounds of fireworks. The fear can be so intense that some dogs may try to escape, potentially leading to dangerous situations if they run away or injure themselves in the process.

The anxiety is not just a minor inconvenience; it can severely impact your dog’s physical and emotional health. Persistent stress from fireworks can lead to long-term behavioral issues, decreased appetite, and a weakened immune system. Recognizing the signs of anxiety and understanding its effects on your dog is the first step towards providing the comfort they need. 

Solutions for Easing Firework Anxiety


  • Create a Safe Space: Designate a quiet, secure area in your home where your dog can retreat during fireworks. This space should be away from windows and as soundproof as possible. Adding familiar items like their bed, toys, and clothing that smells like you can help create a comfortable environment. 
  • Use Sound Therapy: Playing calming music or white noise can help mask the sound of fireworks. There are even specific playlists designed for dogs to reduce stress. Keep the volume consistent and at a level that’s soothing to make a significant difference. 
  • Maintain a Calm Demeanor: Dogs often take cues from their owners. If you remain calm and composed, it can help reduce your dog’s anxiety. Avoid fussing over them too much, as this might reinforce their fear. Instead, act normally and offer comfort with gentle petting and a reassuring tone.
  • Desensitization Training: Gradually exposing your dog to firework sounds at a low volume can help desensitize them over time. Start with very low volumes and gradually increase it, rewarding your dog for calm behavior. This method requires patience and should be done well before firework season starts. 
  • Behavioral Aids: Items like anxiety wraps (e.g., Thundershirt) can provide a sense of security for your dog. These wraps apply gentle pressure, similar to swaddling a baby, which can have a calming effect on your dog.
  • Calming Supplements: Calming chews can be a highly effective tool in managing firework anxiety. WagWell’s Calming chews contain a myriad of natural, plant-based ingredients, such as chamomile flowers, phellodendron bark extract, and CBD. These chews help promote relaxation and reduce stress without a sedative effect, making them an ideal solution for situational anxiety like fireworks. 

Using Calming Chews Effectively

Calming chews provide an easy and natural way to help your dog cope with anxiety. Formulated with board certified veterinary nutritionists, our Calming Chews are designed to ensure safety and effectiveness. Here are some tips for using them effectively, so your pup can relax this July 4th. 


  • Timing: Give your dog the stated dosage about 30 minutes to an hour before the fireworks are expected to start. This allows the active ingredients to take effect and ensure your dog is relaxed before the noise begins. 
  • Dosage: Follow the dosage instructions provided on the package, according to your dog’s weight. It’s important to adhere to the recommended amount to ensure your dog receives the proper benefits without any adverse effects.
  • Trial Run: If possible, do a trial run with the proper dosage before the fireworks begin. This will help you gauge whether the recommended dosage will be enough to ease your dog’s anxiety. Every dog is different, so some may require more than the allotted dosage. 


Our calming chews often start working within 30 minutes to an hour, making them a practical solution for managing anxiety. They are easy to administer and can be given as a treat, which makes them a convenient option for pet owners looking to alleviate their dog’s stress during fireworks. 

For More Days, Anxiety-Free

Firework anxiety in dogs is a serious issue that requires thoughtful management. By using the anxiety management tools laid out above, you can dramatically reduce your dog’s stress and anxiety. Our calming chews offer a natural, effective way to help your dog stay calm during stress-inducing moments. 

With a proactive approach and the right tools, you can turn a potentially stressful fireworks season into a manageable, maybe even enjoyable, time for your dog. Remember, every dog is different, so it might take some trial and error to achieve the perfect state of relaxation. 

Calm mind, happy pup

Calming Chews

Help your pup mellow out and relax with our calming chew designed to support emotional balance and reduce impact of stressful situations, such as travel, separation anxiety, or 4th of July fireworks. Just like their parents, our pups can get stressed out, so help them take the edge off and relax.

  • Magnolia Bark & Philodendron to alleviate anxiety
  • Melatonin & Chamomile promote a zen-like relaxation
  • Use of whole hemp plant delivers most potent CBD blend