Unlock the Power of Ahiflower

5 Reasons Why It's the Ultimate Omega Oil for Your Dog

1. The Superhero of Omegas

Unlike marine and other plant-based omegas, Ahiflower contains an advanced omega-6 GLA, an essential fatty acid associated with skin health, hormonal balance, and anti-inflammatory support.

2. Rooted in Science

Developed with food scientists and board-certified vet nutritionists, Ahiflower was comprehensively tested and proven to have a variety of benefits for your pup.

Surprised how good these smell, and how much my dogs love them! They’re both super picky when it comes to any sort of supplement, but the Ahiflower Oil made a world of difference in smell and taste.

~ Darian

3. Healthy Skin + Shiny Coat

Ahiflower has the most complete and balanced omegas to deliver a powerhouse of both anti-inflammatory benefits plus megawatt skin and a better-than-ever coat.

4. No Fishy Smell, No Allergens

Ditch the fish oil supplements in favor of the plant-based alternative everyone’s barking about. (Peace out, fish burps.) Ahiflower is also free from common allergens, making it a safe choice for all dogs. 

5. Sustainability Minded, Quality Sourced

This plant-based omega source reduces pressure on ocean ecosystems, making it a smarter choice not just for your pup, but the planet. Our non-GMO Ahiflower oil is grown sustainably and sourced directly from the farms and farmers.


2 Powerhouse Ways to Omega

The easiest daily nutritious boost you didn't know your pup was missing—in a sustainable, plant-based superfood. Welcome to your pup's Ahiflower era.