Dogs, they’re just like us.

At WagWell, we’re dog people who want to treat our dogs with the same level of thought and care we treat ourselves. (Let’s be real—maybe even a little more so.) Which is why we set out to create a wellness brand that helps our dogs thrive.

About Us

Inside and Out

Ingredients matter to us. They matter when it comes to our own health, so naturally they should matter when it comes to our pet's health. That’s why we work with veterinary nutritionists to formulate our sustainable supplements and treats. Our curated collection of sustainable supplements, freeze-dried (fully-cooked) treats, and innovative products specialize in elevating your dog’s body and mind, from the inside out. Which is why we saved you some time and created solutions to keep your dog healthy and happy for years to come. 

First up, we found a plant-based ingredient completely changing the supplement game: Ahiflower Omega Oil.® This powerhouse plant supports joint mobility, improves skin + coat, boosts the immune system, and so much more. 

Our single-ingredient, fully-cooked, freeze-dried treats contain no preservatives, are approved by our board-certified nutritionists, and taste-tested by our most-trusted experts in the field: our dogs! 

Who We Are

WagWell is your trusted resource for dog wellness. Yes, it’s a thing! We’re here to improve the life of dogs, and subsequently your life together. We’re a small team of go-fetch enthusiasts, dog park regulars, and belly rub experts who are working to make all dogs live their greatest, healthiest lives. Because, come on—they deserve it. 

We all want the best for our dogs. So, we asked the experts—food scientists and veterinary nutritionists—one simple question: what ingredients would you want in your dog’s supplements and treats? Their answers inspired us to craft our own highly effective and irresistible formulas to help keep our pups wagging and well.

What Sets Us Apart

Despite a seemingly unlimited amount of products and wellness options available today, we couldn’t find a brand with the credibility, education, or breadth of offerings we needed to feel confident that we were giving our dogs the best. Our approach is simple: if we can’t make something better, easier, or more effective than what’s already out there, we won’t do it.
We’re innovating across product categories and supplements + treats are the first thing we’re tackling. We love our dogs (and yours!) so we thought about what could improve their life—and got to work to provide products so good for your dog, you’ll almost forget all about your own wellness routine. Dog-centric wellness, all dog-year long.